Like it or not, Winter is almost upon us. But although cold weather may depress you, there is still a chance to enjoy some warm sunshine this year. All you have to do is play at Virgin online casino.

A special promotion is set to run until the end of October. One lucky bettor from New Jersey is going to win an all-inclusive trip to Miami and a ticket to the annual Art Basel Show. The exhibition will be held from 6th of December up until the 9th. It will show some of the best paintings, sculptures, photographs, and films from all around the World.

Even if you don’t share a taste in such cultural events, an all-paid-for holiday in sunny Miami during the Winter is still something to be looking forward to.

How To Take Part Of Virgin Online Casino’s Promotion

By playing of course. From now, up to 11:59 p.m. ET on Oct. 31 every $50 spend in wages gives you a participation ticket. The more tickets you have, the bigger the chance to be the lucky winner of the $2,000 worth of adventure.

Of course, as in any giveaway, there are certain conditions in order to be drawn:

  • You win a ticket for every $50 accumulated in wagers for a single day. If you bet $30 on Monday and $20 on Tuesday the sums don’t add up and you won’t receive a ticket.
  • You can receive a maximum of 5 tickets per day.
  • Only bets made on slots, table games, or 90 ball bingo are valid for winning a participation ticket.
  • Game winnings aren’t accounted for.

If you play often, acquiring several tickets a week won’t be a problem. But don’t worry if you are a casual player. Although having more tickets gives you a bigger probability to win, the draw is completely random and even possessing a single ticket may be enough to drag your body to Miami’s 90 degrees Winter weather.

Maximize Your Odds Of Winning The Virgin Online Casino Giveaway

There are certain strategies to follow in order to win the maximum number of tickets per day. Placing five $50 bets a day is the fastest way possible, but not every player wants to gamble that much in a single round.

Acquiring the five daily tickets can also be achieved easily with smaller bets. You just have to play smart.

Let’s look at the following example: you are a casual Black Jack player and you bet the minimum of 25 cents on each hand. On average you can play around four hands per minute. This makes it a dollar-worth of wagers every minute. According to those loose calculations, you will be winning a ticket every 50 minutes you play on the Black Jack table.

Use The Options NJ Online Casinos Provide To The Fullest

You are playing in an NJ Online casino. Everything is made to run seamlessly. The software is designed to run fast and efficiently. Why not take a full advantage of it? Video slots played online are 4 times faster than table games. Betting $0.25 on a single spin will bring you a ticket for only 12 minutes. Just pick your favorite slot machine at Virgin Online casino and play.

Have in mind that only wage size is considered. It doesn’t matter if you lose $50 directly or bet $5, win $50, and then bet the winnings. Don’t be hasty and aim for the prize at your own pace. After all, ticket or no ticket, you are betting in an online casino and you are after the money.

No NJ Online Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

Normally when online casinos give promotions they oblige the beneficiary with further rules he must comply to. Play three times the size of the giveaway you are receiving, bet under specific conditions, etc…

But the Virgin Online Casino Miami Adventure has no strings attached. If your name gets drawn on 1st of November you win the trip unconditionally. No extra rules to follow.

This makes the promotion great for casual players. Even a win from the lottery is more complicated. Simply play on your preferred slots or table games and be sure to wear your lucky socks. Facing the Christmas holidays with a nice suntan will surely make your friends and family jealous they missed to participate in this promotion.