The NBA season 2018 has already began. Each team will have to go through 29 other competitors in a total of 82 games including the finals.

This year, New Jersey is enjoying a healthy uplift in sports interest. Since sports betting was declared legal, operators have been on a frenzy to launch their sportsbooks and online sports betting apps before the football season began.

NBA fans can rest assured their sports betting platform of choice has already received rigorous testing.

Not only that, but sportsbooks are going to great lengths to attract new players. Players need to watch out for special NBA games and bonuses that can yield them spectacular prizes.

Here are the top 3 NJ sports betting offers for the new 2018 NBA season.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings took everyone by surprise. They launched their online sportsbook on Aug the 1st –  way before the competition can react to the situation. DraftKings went without competition for more than 3 weeks.

As a result, the daily fantasy sports hegemony dominated yet another market and has stayed at the top of the revenue table so far.

Even though there is still no physical sportsbook where you can visit and place your bet, the DraftKings online platform offers numerous betting options, including the popular in-game betting.

For NBA season, they also have a special offer.

$100 Risk-free NBA Bet

For the first weekend of basketball season, DraftKings Sportsbook came out with an amazing offer – bet on the premier games and get a refund if you lose.

The offer was valid for any singles bet placed on an NBA game during Oct. 16th and Oct. 17th. DraftKings would return up to $100 in your wallet if you guessed wrong and lost.

If was an incredibly generous offer, as it would give every player a chance to feel the action without risking their hard-earned money.

New players could benefit from a free demo, that also gave them a chance to win significant prizes.

That’s exactly what we would expect from the alpha dog in the New Jersey online sports betting market.

FanDuel Sportsbook

When FanDuel entered the market, it brought its rivalry from daily fantasy sports into sports betting. DraftKings has long been ahead of FanDuel in the DFS sector and it’s ahead of them again in NJ online sports betting.

However, FanDuel Sportsbook is determined to catch up which is why they have 3 NBA promotions going for the start of the season.

Local Locks

Team loyalty is one of the most cherished qualities in sports. Local Locks is a promotion that celebrates fans’ loyalty to their favorite team, even if it’s not the winning one.

The mode was available for the games of the Knicks and Nets. Players needed to make a bet on the winning team before the game begins. These moneyline bets came with a loss-protection of up to $100.

In other words, if you bet $100 on the Knicks and they lost, you’d receive a full refund in your wallet.

Even though the Nets moved to Brooklyn, New Jersey still pays tribute to their past home team. This offer by FanDuels gives NJ residents a chance to support their favorite team without putting their money on the line.

3-Point Bonus

Long distance hoops are always attractive and long-standing criteria for basketball superstars. Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors are famous for their long shots.

FanDuels made 3-pointers extra exciting for the Thunder-Warriors match with their new bonus system.

To get in, players would need to put down at least $25 on a moneyline bet for the winner. Then, every time their designated team scored a 3-point shot, players would win $5 extra.

Even if your team loses, if they manage to get 5 long-distance shots in, you’ll get out dry. And if they win, that’s free $25 in your account

The prizes would be paid out within 3 days.

The King

Basketball superstar LeBron James moved to play for the Lakers during the offseason. This season will showcase LeBron’s first gold and purple outfit.

It’s very exciting and hopes are high that LeBron James will take the Lakers on a winning streak, who have been struggling the past few seasons.

FanDuel is following up on the trend and offered an exclusive bonus for the Blazers-Lakers match on Oct 18th.

Every player who put down more than $50 will receive a $3 bonus for every point that LeBron James makes during the game. The King needs to score 16 points to bail out any bettors regardless if the Lakers win or lose.

FanDuel Sportsbook is certainly betting on NBA to drive their sports betting revenues up. Whether they can reach DraftKing’s level or not is yet to be determined, but is certain they are not willing to let the crown go uncontested.

BetStars NJ

BetStars is the offshoot of poker titan PokerStars. Even it’s one of the newly launched platforms in New Jersey, BetStars draws from the experience of their parent company.

For iOS users, the sportsbook is integrated inside the PokerStars app. Android and desktop users have a dedicated app available.

BetStars offers two NBA promotions.

LeBron Lifeline

Just like FanDuel, BetStars is counting on LeBron James to generate plenty of interest while wearing the Lakers’ outfit.

With their new promotion, the sportsbook aims to ride on the hype train and profit all the way through.

So how does the lifeline work:

To get the bonus, players need to place a moneyline bet on any Lakers game. There is no minimum sum required, so even a $5 bet would count.

If LeBron scores more than 35 points, but the Lakers lose, BetStars will grant losing wagers with a free bet worth $20.

It’s not a very optimistic view of the Lakers’ performance but on the other hand, there’s plenty of expectations for the LA superstar.

Players who were awarded the free bet must use it in the following 7 days, or it will expire.

NBA Overtime Offer

The second bonus by BetStars NJ touches one of the worst (arguably best) outcome of any game – the overtime win.

This bonus is applied automatically for any game during the NBA season. Players are not required to spend extra or follow any other rules to get the bonus.

In essence, every time you place a bet on the winning team and your team loses during overtime, you get a comfort prize. BetStars will award you with a free bet worth $20.

The only rule regarding the NBA Overtime Offer is that any player can only get up to 5 free bets per week.

So, if you’re the worst sports bettor and consistently call the game wrong, you can grab $100 worth of free bets each week. Whether the money is worth all the losses is up to you to decide.

That’s it for now. These are all the NBA promotions that have been launched since the start of the season. More offers are undoubtedly on the way and the remaining NJ sportsbooks will surely want to catch up. Players should stay tuned for more offers and deals available soon in New Jersey.