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Sports betting can be all about the current games. SugarHouse Sportsbook had a number of NFL games and one college match for NJ sports betting fans.

The NFL NJ Sports Betting Events

The Dolphins won by a thread, involving two laterals. The game let the team cover point spread and it turned out the Patriots weren’t the clear winner, as expected by most. Luck wasn’t on the New England team’s side and they were defeated by the Miami Dolphins with only one point.

Although being the underdogs with 10 points, the LA Raiders managed to win over the Pittsburgh Steelers with just three points.

Even regular players couldn’t predict such unusual outcomes. However, the most awaited and exciting game was the match between the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams – the two playoff contenders.

Top Choices At SugarHouse SportsBook

Besides the above-mentioned plays, the other two that caught our attention were the Saints/Buccaneers and Cowboys/Eagles games. During this season, the Saints have been one of the best teams in the league.

One of the most amusing game was the one between the Titans and the Jaguars. There is no doubt that Jacksonville was having constant problems during the season.

Last but not least, there was one college football match prior to the bowl season. It served as an end to a lifelong rival story.

Due to the schedule’s monopoly, the Army-Navy game was more attractive than other NFL games.

This game showed the best of both teams’ skillset. Although the Black Knights won with a touchdown, the victory wasn’t easy, as Navy was a though contestant.

Amazing Win and Parlay

No doubt the luckiest bettors at SugarHouse Sportsbook were the parlay players with the Colts, Eagles, Dolphins, Browns, and Ravens on their spread. Those players won $25,000 for a bet of $1,000.

The Duke basketball team are improving their performance at the beginning of the NCAA season. The Blue Devils have 2 outstanding freshman players, contesting for the NBA draft’s top picks for next year. The team is also 6-4 against the spread.

Bettors thinking of future wagers can turn their attention to the match between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs which will set the start for the playoffs.