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PointsBet Sportsbook Review

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PointsBet Sportsbook History & Background

PointsBet Sportsbook quickly established itself as one of the leading online bookmakers in Australia following its inception in 2017. From there, PointsBet turned its attention squarely to the US market as it looked to continue impacting the betting landscape with its one-of-a kind features, namely PointsBetting. PointsBet Online Sportsbook opened its virtual doors to NJ legal sports betting in December 2018 and immediately began to make waves.

Why Join PointsBet NJ?

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PointsBet Sportsbook operates in the Garden State but is by no means garden variety. PointsBet NJ is not only one of the newest NJ sports betting apps to make its mark on the industry landscape, it’s possibly the most innovative, versatile and unique in what it offers NJ online sports bettors.

For starters, signing up pays instant dividends for players. New NJ online sports betting customers are offered an initial $50 no-deposit bonus bet for signing up with a PointsBet promo code, plus two risk-free bets worth up to $1,000. The platform also offers nearly every market and type of bet you can think of, as well as several you probably haven’t conceived of yet.

In addition to standard fixed-odds betting, they offer an exclusive feature called PointsBetting, which raises the stakes on every wager and gives NJ online sports betting players an opportunity to win big on bets of all sizes. This is a more sophisticated, high-risk, high-reward style of betting that raises the stakes like never before and is already beginning to grip the imagination of the public.

In addition to a palpable players-first approach for online sports bettors, PointsBet Sportsbook also offers a constantly rotating series of odds boosters and early payout promotions on varying games and events to make signing up a worthwhile investment.

What Is PointsBetting And How Does It Work?

PointsBetting is the innovative, exciting linchpin-type feature that makes PointsBet Sportsbook clearly stand out from other NJ sports betting apps. Every second of every game suddenly matters thanks to the high-risk, high-reward aspect, and NJ online betting players are likely to be on the edges of their seats regardless of their original investment because even small wagers have the ability to turn into large winnings.

Unlike in fixed odds betting, the amount a player can win or lose in PointsBetting depends just how right or wrong the wager is. Bettors are rewarded with larger payouts for being right by a large margin, but can also suffer big losses if their bet winds up a long way off. To minimize potential losses, the PointsBet Sportsbook app offers a stop/loss feature that will cap potential losses, but will also cap potential winnings in a similar way. Players will know before bets commence how much they can win or lose on a given game.

PointsBet applies a 1x multiplier on the result of the wager for each point you are correct or incorrect. If your bet wins by one point (or unit), you would win 1x your bet amount. If your wager wins by 2 points, you win 2x your investment. If your bet wins by 10 units, you win 10x stake. Conversely if you lose by 2 points, you would lose 2x the original bet. Lose by 10 units, lose 10x your bet.

For example, you bet $10 on OVER 220 points in an NBA game. With fixed-odds betting, anything over 220 points wins your $10 wager, and anything under loses the same $10. With PointsBetting, the results could vary in a major way.

Let’s say there are 230 points in the game.  Rather than winning just $10, you win $100 for the total going over by 10 points. If it went over by 20 points, the prize would be $200, which is 20x your original bet. What makes this feature so amazing is that smaller bets are capable of pulling in big payouts if the right sports betting picks are made.

The same can happen in opposite direction, where the game going under by 10 points would cost players $100  and 20 points under would be a $200, a 20x loss of investment.

PointsBetting is offered for all four major US sports, including team sides, totals and various types of prop bets.

PointsBetting Prop Bet Markets

PointsBet Sportsbook has a fast-growing reputation as a US sports betting site with some of the highest volume of sports betting variations offered. PointsBet NJ contains up to 250 prop betting options for each contest, spread across leagues and countries around the world. In addition, there are props tailored specific to the PointsBetting model, adding yet another layer of creativity to the PointsBet Sportsbook app.

Some of the PointsBetting prop betting categories offered are:

  • NBA Player Points
  • NBA Player Rebounds
  • NBA Player Field Goal Percentage
  • NBA Player Multipliers (Points x Rebounds x Assists)
  • NBA Player Performance (Player Points + Rebounds + Assists)
  • Player Basket Accelerators (bets on players shooting/scoring early in game)
  • Winning Margins
  • Player vs. Player Lines
  • Duo/Trio Totals (over/under bets placed on groups of two or three players)
  • Team-Specific Quarter & Half Lines
  • NFL QB Completions Over/Unders
  • Length Of NFL Field Goals
  • NFL Player Rushing/Receiving Totals
  • Time Of First NFL Touchdown

There are seemingly limitless options for PointsBetting prop bets and tons of different possibilities for how online sports betting players can go for big money while betting and viewing sports in an entirely new and refreshing way.

Which Sports And Other Types Of Bets Are Offered At PointsBet NJ?

PointsBet Online Sportsbook provides bettors with an extremely wide array of odds from sports and leagues around the world, rivaling nearly any other sportsbook when it comes to variety. The following are among what is offered for NJ sports betting:

  • Football (NFL)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Soccer (MLS, EPL, various leagues around world)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Tennis (US, Europe)
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Boxing
  • Racing
  • Darts
  • Cycling

PointsBet Sportsbook has several conventional betting choices in addition to PointsBetting:

  • Moneyline
  • Fixed Odds
  • Totals (over/under)
  • Parlays
  • Live In-Play
  • Props
  • Futures

PointsBet Deposit Bonus Code & Free Signup Bonus

The first thing to take notice of is the fact that NJ sports betting players are rewarded before spending a dime of their own money onto the PointsBet Sportsbook app. Upon signing up, new PointsBet players are awarded a no-deposit bonus of $50 for using a PointsBet promo code. In addition, fresh signups are also offered two risk-free bets that could total up to $1,000.

The way it works is simple. If a player loses their first real money fixed odds bet, PointsBet will provide a refund of up to $500 in bonus bets. A refund of up to $500 will also be provided to players who lose their first real money PointsBetting wager.

PointsBet Sportsbook Rewards Program

PointsBet has installed a rewards program that allows NJ sports betting players to accumulate points with every bet they place. Points can be accrued in the following ways:

  • 1 point earned for every $5 spent on fixed-odds straight bet
  • 1 point earned for every $1 spent on parlay bets
  • 1 point for every dollar won or lost on PointsBetting wagers

Points can be redeemed for PointsBet bonus bets at varying intervals beginning at $2.50 up to $1,000, and rewards are redeemable on a scale of $1 per 100 points.

PointsBet Promo Codes

PointsBet NJ has a seemingly never-ending list of exclusive deals and promo codes for its online sports betting members. No matter the time of day or sport you want to bet on, PointsBet has you covered with a great promotion to help improve your odds, cash out early, or refund your money on some losses.

Below are some of the promotional features being consistently offered at PointsBet:

  • Cash-Out (settle bets before game ends to lock in winnings/cut losses)
  • Name-A-Bet (PointsBet will price a bet of your naming if not currently offered)
  • Odds boosters specifically tailored to prime time sporting events
  • No-juice spreadlines on Top 8 NCAA basketball teams
  • Odds booster on weekdays between noon & 3pm
  • Odds booster on player props
  • Money back if one leg of 4+ team parlay loses
  • Refunds on certain bets if they lose, depending on circumstance.
  • Early payouts on NHL/Soccer Games (1st bet only)
  • Odds booster on weekdays between noon & 3pm

PointsBet Customer Service

PointsBet Online Sportsbook also knows its product is unique and that its features and promotions need to be clear and easy to understand for NJ online sports betting players. If there are any issues, however, PointsBet provides 24/7 online chat service as well as email support for all bettors.

Luckily, PointsBet NJ also provides an all-encompassing, easy-to-read guide in their menu featuring ‘The Revis Betting Academy,’ where former NFL star Darrelle Revis helps explain how PointsBetting works before you make any bets.

PointsBet Mobile App

Nothing is more frustrating for online sports betting players than a mobile device that doesn’t display odds clearly or in a timely fashion.

The PointsBet app is laid out in such a way that the seemingly innumerable amount of bets can be seen and sorted through in a convenient fashion. Players can also easily place wagers while on-the-go with the PointsBet Sportsbook app, which has all the capabilities of the desktop site, including depositing and withdrawing funds.

The PoinstBet Sportsbook app is small in size, but packs a big punch. Despite offering a range of online sports betting options that could rival most NJ online sportsbooks, the PointsBet Sportsbook app takes up only 13MB. The app is available for iOS through the App Store and for the Android app through the website – it is not available in the Android Play Store. On the iPhone, the PointsBet Sportsbook app recently received a complete makeover and operates more reliably than ever before.

PointsBet SportsBook NJ Partnerships

PointsBet Sportsbook made its mark on the US market by locking down with Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey during the Summer of 2018. In February 2019, PointsBet secured a deal with sports entertainment giant TopGolf to promote the PointsBet brand and NJ sports betting at the company’s two in-state locations.

The sportsbook previously inked a partnership deal with Tioga Downs Casino in upstate New York.

PointsBet NJ took more player-friendly action when partnering with financial tech company EML in order to make the game experience even easier and more enjoyable for bettors.

EML is a company that provides solutions for payouts, gifts, incentives and reward programs for companies and issues solutions in the form of mobile, virtual and physical cards. In partnering with EML, PointsBet was able to create a branded reloadable card program and offer it as a cutting edge payment solution for NJ online sports betting.

PointsBet Card & Deposit-Withdrawal Options

PointsBet NJ makes depositing funds into and withdrawing funds out of your account as easy as possible. The PointsBet Card (EML) is the absolute quickest and easiest way to deposit and withdraw account funds.

Once an account is set up, PointsBet Card holders can take advantage of payouts in real time, and can funnel those funds back into their account at any time. Payouts onto the card will allow players to make purchases online, in the store, inside the app or at an ATM machine. The exclusive offering is the first to use a payout solution that can help enhance the NJ online sports betting experience as the landscape continues to grow and take shape. Players will be a sent a physical card in the mail after filling out an application and obtaining access to a digital version immediately.

There are several other deposit methods available, such as:

  • Credit/debit card (Visa & Mastercard) – Minimum deposit $5
  • PayWithMyBank
  • ACH eCheck

Players can withdraw funds easily via bank transfer or PayWithMyBank. Withdrawals can be made following payment verification requirements, but bettors may not be able to access their entire balance before completion of all outstanding wagers.

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PointsBet Sportsbook Review

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