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BetStars Sportsbook Review

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BetStars is one of the newly created online sportsbooks that joined the recently legalized sports betting industry in New Jersey. It was launched by PokerStars which is one of the biggest iGaming providers in the world.

At BetStars you will be able to enjoy high-class technology, variety of bet types, as well as attractive bonus codes.

Get our exclusive new player offer now!

Get our exclusive new player offer now!

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Bet & Get
$500 FREE
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Receive up to $500 FREE Bets with BetStars Signup Bonus

When you sign up for a new account at the BetStars platform and make your first bet, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A match of your first bet if it is up to $50 FREE
  • When you bet $150, you will receive $50 to place FREE bets. The maximum you can receive is $450.

*In order for your bet to quality for these bonuses, the minimum odds should be +100.

The high-class technology used by BetStars sportsbook is similar to the one used by other sportsbook operators in New Jersey. But the platform differs in two other ways.

One of a Kind Sports Betting Features by BetStars NJ

BetStars Spin & Bet

PokerStars is famous for its “Spin & Go” feature in used in its poker platform. So it’s no surprise that they figured out how to implement it in the sportsbook as well. The company called it “Spin & Bet” – it gives bettors the opportunity to stake a part of their wager in order to win a big jackpot. The maximum multiplier of Spin & Bet is 10x.

  •    Odds Boost: popular bets are selected on a daily basis and their odds rate is improved, so players have a higher chance of winning larger payouts.
  •    Penny Bets: BetStars offers the lowest bets in the industry – $0.01 that can also win you a big amount afterwards.

BetStars NJ Promo Offers

Stars Stack

Stars Stack is a special parlay bet which can be implemented when football players score touchdowns. You can choose three different players from a certain game and if they all score a touchdown, you will win. All touchdowns scored by receiving, rushing or throwing qualify for the Stars Stack.

Multiple Stars Stacks are also available on a daily basis, as well as popular bets.

Weekly Free Bet

There is a weekly promotion running on BetStars. To enter you have to bet $25 and you can receive a free $5 each week.

Superbowl Winner

If you wager on a team that you think might win the Superbowl, you will take advantage of boosted odds of 100/1.

Superboost Saturday and Superboost Sunday

During football season weekends, you can use parlay bets for winning teams. These types of bets are only offered by BetStars.

  •    Saturday: Parlay with boosted odds on 3-team NCAA football
  •    Sunday: Parlay with boosted odds on 3-team NFL football

Features of BetStars NJ Platform

BetStars Cashouts

With BetStars Cashouts you are enabled to calculate your winnings even before the final outcome of the wager is actually known. For example, if your team is playing but you suspect that it might lose, you can select the Cashout option to lock your winnings so far before the game turns around.

BetStars Odds Boost

Popular bets are chosen on a daily basis and provided at better odds. This gives you higher chance of winning larger payouts.

BetStars In-Game Bets Feature

In-game betting is one of the most interesting features, which is used around the globe. It allows you to wager on the outcome of a sport event even after it has started.

For example: your top team is behind its competitor but you have a feeling that it will return on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter. You can make a bet on that and win in the end.

BetStars NJ Mobile App

BetStars launched a new mobile application for Android smartphones, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. If you own an iPhone, then you have to get the PokerStars app from the App Store, which includes all BetStars features.

Established 2018
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BetStars Sportsbook Review


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4.33 / 5