In the wake of Rivers Casino PA recent rise to prominence, their representation attests that there is no mountain high enough for legal Pennsylvania sports betting to ascent over.

They were next in line, in literally just a month after PA sports betting attempts were initiated by Hollywood Casino circa November 2018. Forming part of a notable collective amass of revenue in 6 months, amounting approximately up to $126 million, Rivers Casino Sportsbook has had an outstanding performance further than the rest of the other sportsbook contributors. As 2018, and 2019 stats for the greater part are shown by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Rivers Casino booming chances into PA online sports betting’s corner beyond their current feat are conceivable at this rate.

Rivers Casino Sportsbook Headstart Towards Revenue Round-up Impressive For Sports Betting

It took only a month or so before Rivers Casino PA’s fiscal results suggested their skyward purpose upon entering Pennsylvania sports betting operation. They comfortably poised $35.17 million off handles since their inception up until March 2019, leading ahead by more or less $3 million forcing Sugarhouse Casino Sportsbook to take the runner-up spot.

Dominating in more ways than one, when we scale in gross revenue versus its counterparts, $3.89 million sets them apart. You find it peculiar also for an NJ online casino to accumulate over a million dollars in tax incurred off 34% percent rate in Pennsylvania.

Rivers SportsbookDec. 2018Jan. 2019Feb. 2019March 20192018-19 Total
Gross Revenue$1,066,157$853,316$627,521$1,344,398$3,891,391
State Tax Due (34%)$362,493$290,127$213,357$457,095$1,323,073
Local Share Assessment (2%)$21,323$17,066$12,550$26,888$77,828

Frankly, you’re only good as your last show- and if Rivers Casino Sportsbook’s financial figures of March 2019 are anything to go by considering their promising come-up emanating from the top of the year, their future success is firmly predestined. In light of the NCAA games coincidence, without doubt, PA sports betting’s frenzy during this period bodes well towards justifying their accumulation of $11.34 million barrier-breaking deed, in the context of Pennsylvania’s sports betting affairs. Possibilities within the market are endless it seems, for as long as online casino and sportsbook portfolios thrive consistently in order to produce Rivers Casino’s somewhat caliber.

Onwards And Upwards The Only Promising Way For Rivers Casino Within PA Online Sports Betting

Rivers Casino’s sports betting goals in Pennsylvania are becoming realistic to a greater extent taking into account the impact their Sportsbook introduction had, granted that it wouldn’t be enough existing as one leg to stand on. Naturally for their sake, to whom much is given much is required to compel towards roping PA sports betting into the fold with confidence of vitalizing their operation and opening their income streams. Time is evidently still on their side to get everything together as we approach summer.

New Jersey Online Sports Betting Mould Is Ideal To Emulate

It would make no sense to not follow in the footsteps of NJ online sports betting as they have cut the first turfs in constructing such a lucrative market. They were ahead of the curve in terms of trying out online sports betting officially the previous summer already, actively engaging in what turns into their $1 billion generating forte in handles by the time we were filling up our 2019 new year resolutions year to date. Their revenue against this background was destined to exceed $52 million, motivating Pennsylvania to seize in like manner for PA sports betting on the traces of New Jersey’s.