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NJ online casinos set a record on their overall revenue for the third month in a row during 2018, the strongest year for the industry in a while. At least for 5 of the 7 licensed NJ casino owners.

Golden Nugget Online Casino led the headlines after it reported a $10 million month, adding up to a $29 million combined monthly revenue for NJ online casinos. That’s a first in the market’s five-year history.

Golden Nugget Online Casino Still At The Top

It only took Golden Nugget online casino two months to go from 9.6 to 10+ million a month last year, thanks to an impressive $970,000 leap in revenue in December.

Golden Nugget jumped through this milestone easily and finished its lap in 2018 reporting a 67.2% growth for its business since last year. Impressive as it may be, Golden Nugget wasn’t the only NJ online casino to enjoy a good year.

Resorts & Borgata Online Casino Also Climbing Fast

Resorts Atlantic City didn’t fall far behind and reported its year-to-year increase as 46%, marked by a $780,000 up in December. Borgata online casino was ahead of Resorts on the numbers charts and it ended December with $5,052,051 in total casino revenue. Caesars was right behind it with $4,440,510.

Newcomer NJ Online Casinos Also Growing

When Hard Rock AC pushed its way into the NJ online casino market back in June, many were skeptical. The casino is up again six- and seven-figure competitors each month (Borgata & Golden Nugget online casinos), but still manages to sustain steady revenue growth.

It’s reported an increase in its monthly profits each of the 7 months since it launched, which is more than we can say about other NJ online casinos. Ocean Resort has been steadily dropping ever since it hit $1 million in October, with $731,887 in November and $478,717 in December. Ocean and Caesars are the only two NJ online casinos to report a drop in their monthly revenue in 2018.

Good News For NJ Online Gambling All Over

Things were starting to look grim for NJ online poker at one point last year. December seems to have had a good influence on that as well since the industry bounced back from November with its biggest monthly leap yet – $202,923.

The reality that it’s down almost 9% since 2017 is still a fact, but there sure is optimism in the air. Not nearly as much as in the case of NJ online casinos, however. With record highs and a never-ending momentum, the future looks bright.