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Every month has found to be unpredictable for the online gambling industry in New Jersey upon the conclusion of October’s 2018 listed revenue record. It hardly took long until November 2018 reported an unprecedented record the state’s online casinos have peaked once again .

Numbers on the board listing for the month of November 2018 came courtesy of the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, resulting the month’s online gambling revenue by a long chalk at $27 million.

Coming on the heels of those figures are the NJ online sports betting’s affixing $14.4 million, who have surmounted ahead of time disposing of one month left to list in 2018, compared to the previous year’s revenue total of $245.6 million.

Recent affairs by New Jersey’s online gambling operators till date flirt with a $1 billion in lifetime revenue, which in all manner of ways is shortened by a minimum of $7 million from accomplishment based on its current total of $255 million.

NJ Online Casino Revenue Numbers

The top line numbers indicating the latest monthly revenue reports according to the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement show as follows.

Revenue by vertical:

  • November 2018 online casino revenue: $25,382,434
  • November 2018 online poker revenue: $1,561,639
  • November 2018 online sports betting revenue: $14,446,570

Revenue totals:

  • November 2018 total online gambling revenue: $26,944,073
  • November 2018 total online gambling revenue w/ sports: $41,390,643

Online Casino Key Takeaway

October’s breakthrough being a premiere to set an advancing tone for NJ online casino’s momentum, rubbed off a back-to-back streak for the following month, accumulating $25 million in revenue.

The fortune’s wheel of the online casino revenue insisted by growing by more than a third, marking an impressive run they’ve last thrived steadily since 2016. Extent which, you knew that because of the uprush from the casino’s stance, the NJ sports betting customers wouldn’t resist from cross-selling.

Online Poker Key Takeaway

November 2018 marked the poker online industry’s decline in its five-year history of serving after experiencing an all-time low month. It has always been word on the street.

Its revenue once peaked at $3.5 million, and now has slipped down just below $1.5 million in November. At this rate, the online poker’s $2 million downfall is as low as a scholar repeating one grade three times.

Online Sports Betting Key Takeaway

On the contrary, $330 million off books would suffice to deem a rebound of online sports betting during its favorable month which took place October, considering its revenues attempting to virtually double up.

Note: Based on its malleable-tendencies, online sports betting will be distinguished/characterized from being comprised on the analysis below.

Growth Trends

Below are variations by the year:

  • Online poker: -13.7 percent
  • Online casino: +35 percent
  • Total revenue: +30.7 percent

Take notice of the chart below pertaining to monthly performances, when we speak of NJ online gaming industry possibly facing a slump by the year, the idea is still impervious. The chart is all inclusive of all other gambling avenues/streams, except the sports betting revenue.

Borgata Is Still Second-Best In NJ

Borgata certainly did not miss the boat during the month of November when their revenues registered a 12 percent increase year over year, as they steadily maintain stretching their arms out for a $5 million in monthly revenue. If only they could gravitate towards a launch stage.

Meanwhile, Golden Nugget casino have shown determination to make it a knack of accomplishing the $5 million milestone other properties scrape up for on the contrary.

Golden Nugget Is On Top Of The World

Golden Nugget also stayed afloat in the face of revenues fluctuating month-over-month, Tropicana also relating with their fair share as a relevant instance, of which the rest you may possibly fill in.

Considering they got the hang of their growing online casino revenue year over year, Golden Nugget are appeased with approximately 50 percent.

By accumulating more than $9 million of revenue substantiates their domination in the NJ online gambling market.

Tropicana Taking A Step Back

  • License holder: Tropicana
  • Brands and sub-brands: Tropicana, Virgin

Undeterred by their prominence in the market, the property’s appeal for the potentiality of online gambling has more so heightened beyond doubt of late. However, Tropicana have outdone their November efforts as results show.

Resorts Casino Takes A Steady Path

This month’s results for Resorts have been somewhat mediocre, considering an upward of only 1 percent year over year and within a little 2.5 percent month over month.

Caesars Continues To Move Forward

As much as it appears as their benchmark, Caesars’ recent consecutive backslide into dash hopes of a $4 million between October and November is more than true to form take into account their capabilities nonetheless.

Hard Rock Gaining Market Share

  • License holder: Hard Rock
  • Brands and sub-brands: Hard Rock

Hard Rock has recorded remarkable numbers last month after a million dollars was accumulated, realizing that to be the fastest-accomplished result in the industry’s five-year history. Their November month listed about a 30 percent increase month over month.

Ocean Resort Still At The Bottom

  • License holder: Ocean Resort Casino
  • Brands and sub-brands: Ocean Resort

Coming in lagging behind Hard Rock by a margin listing $730k for the month is Ocean Resort. Fairly new in the city actualizing online revenue growth, and immersing itself in the activities but mildly showing aggressive progress.