We have two new slots from Golden Nugget Online Casino NJ and they are called Aladdin’s Legacy and All That Cash. The two games offer quite a different style, but both provide thrilling jackpots and quality entertainment for the player. Let’s have a look:

Golden Nugget’s Aladdin’s Legacy Online Slot

This online slot game is inspired by the tales of Scheherazade. Genies, magic lamps, oases, and flying carpets are some of the symbols you may encounter in this Persian adventure. This NJ online slot has low volatility, which means prizes and bonuses come often but aren’t enormous in size. It is suitable for a more casual style of play where you can leave in the plus after a few minutes.

The 20 lines may not seem much for a five-reel slot, but the flying carpet symbol, acting as a wildcard, appears often enough to help you win some of Aladdin’s treasures. As most slot machines, there is a bonus round if you get three magic lamps on a single spin. The placement of the lamps is of no consequence, getting your free bonus spins regardless if the scatter symbols appear on the first three or the final three reels.

Bonus Spins:

Get the three lamps and you will receive 20 free spins on the special bonus slot. The symbols here change with gems, which bring multiplied rewards. There is a special gem acting as a substitute. There is also a special magical jeweled vault, that can only appear on reel five. If you are lucky enough to seize it you will activate the ‘Into the Cave’ Bonus.

Into The Cave:

If you successfully guess the three outer gems, you will be granted entrance to the top bonus game of this online slot – the Treasure Room. Different inscribed paths appear in the wall and you must choose the correct one. Each accurate pick brings you a larger prize and if you go all the way you win a big cash reward.

Alladin’s Legacy Game Details:

  • 20 lines are distributed in five reels
  • The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum is $100.00
  • The maximum payout of this slot is $500,000
  • RTP is 95.00%

Play All That Cash Online Slot At Golden Nugget Online Casino

This game is quite unorthodox for an online slot machine. There are only three pay lines on the five reels, and reels two to five provide only numbers – from zero to nine. What is most important here is reel number one. There are empty dollar signs. In order to win, you must get a complete dollar sign. The size of the win is then defined by the numbers shown on reels two, three, four and five. The number they make is the multiplier of your bet.

So, if you have a winning line where reel 4 has the number ‘two’ on it and all other reels are zeros ($-0-0-2-0), you will get 20 times your bet for that line. Needless to say, even if you receive the activator (the dollar sign) on reel one, but get four zeroes on the other reels ($-0-0-0-0), you win nothing.

With only three lines this slot machine may sound simple, but it becomes a lot of fun for the player when the dollar sign matches with a number different than zero on reel two. What spices this NJ online slot even more, is the special jackpot symbol that appears on reel one. Receive it, and regardless of what appears on the other reels, your bet will be multiplied by 10,000! This can surely brighten your day even if you were on a continuous losing strike.

All That Cash Online Slot Game Details:

  • Only three lines on five reels
  • The minimum bet is $3.00 and the maximum is $90.00
  • The maximum payout of this slot is $300,000
  • RTP is 96.00%