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On September 13th 2018, New Jersey officially welcomed BetStars, the latest addition to the list of mobile NJ sportsbooks. BetStars’ parent company, the European gaming giant The Stars Group, pulled off a swift successful launch on U.S. soil thanks to its partnership with Resorts.

Everyone in the field expected BetStars to have no trouble fitting into the NJ sports betting market, with years of running sports betting operations overseas. Now, we’re going to take a tour of the online platform and see how well BetStars did in introducing its product to New Jersey bettors.

How to Start Betting at BetStars – Latest NJ Sportsbook

Step 1

Betting at BetStars NJ starts the same way it always does – by downloading the app, now available both for Android and iOS users. If you still haven’t gone through with this first step, simply visit the BetStars NJ website and follow the instructions in oversized font.

Step 2

The next step is clicking the BetStars NJ signup button and creating a NJ sports betting account. This will require you to share your location, as well as some other personal information that state regulations demand for.

Step 3

Once you’re past the bore of these initial steps, you can move on to the real excitement – choosing which games and features to play. Thanks to the app’s clean interface, it won’t take beginner players too long to get used to navigating between the various BetStars NJ sports betting options.

Step 4

The first thing you’ll see once you open the app is the “Highlights of the day” menu, showing various time-limited bonus features. BetStars NJ will also suggest features and top games, suitable for beginners in the Popular and Trending Bets tab. If you’re feeling ready to try more advanced NJ sports betting, you may visit the In-Game tab where BetStars offers in-play betting.

BetStars Offers The Lowest Bet Limits On The NJ Sports Betting Market

The BetStars NJ app seems to be doing more than well up against its numerous competitors in the state. The first advantage that comes to mind is its incredibly rich selection of sports to bet on:

  • football (NFL, NCAA and the CFL);
  • basketball (NBA);
  • baseball (MLB);
  • soccer (English Premier League);
  • boxing;
  • hockey;
  • tennis;
  • cycling;
  • motorsports;
  • golf.

What’s more, BetStars NJ has made a name for itself as the most frugal app on the market, with minimum bets starting at just $0.01. This is a particularly attractive option to players looking for low-risk bets to make in their spare time.

BetStars has also drawn a lot of attention with its “Spin & Bet” feature, which uses the same principle of PokerStars’ just as popular “Spin & Go”. The feature lets players spin a wheel, putting some of their wagers on the line for the chance to win a 10-time multiplier on potential winnings they make later on. First, you’ll need to choose a bet type from the drop-down menu and add the Spin & Bet option to your betting clips. The spin’s outcome will then affect the odds on your bet. You should know, 10% of the amount you wager on this feature will go for funding the Enhanced Odds Jackpot on BetStars.

Another attractive feature this NJ sportsbook offers is the cashout option, thanks to which you could take your winning and cash out before the game has even ended. BetStars NJ has also announced it will be adding live streaming to its platform soon enough, a feature that will save bettors the effort of actually watching gameplay and just feed them live information from the events.

Last but not least, new users can go to BetStars NJ signup and get up to $500 in free wagers as a welcoming gift. Bonus bets aren’t reserved for beginners, though, as the app constantly introduces betting and deposit promotions. For example, for every $150 a player bets, he or she gets $50 in free bets, with a limit up to $450.