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As the sports betting industry continues its recent boom, FanDuel Sportsbook is introducing an exciting and innovative new feature. This new feature, called “Cash Out,” offers NJ sports betting players the opportunity to predetermine the outcome of their bet prior to the event’s conclusion.

How Does FanDuel Cash Out Feature Work?

Similar to live in-game betting, FanDuel Sportsbook will offer live cash out odds on the previously-placed wager in real time. Players can utilize this feature to either minimize their losses on a wager that looks like an eventual loss, or to guarantee themselves a profit by accepting a payout that looks like an eventual winner.

Determined by in-game events (much like an in-game wager), the odds on the “Cash Out” option depend solely on the current status of the event. If the player’s pending wager begins to trend in the wrong direction, they can elect to take advantage of the current “Cash Out” option in the FanDuel app or on the website.

Why Should FanDuel Players Be Excited?

The most exciting thing about this new feature is that it affords both new and experienced players a new way to play, profit, and maximize the longevity of their bankrolls while using the FanDuel Sportsbook. This feature is not only exciting for bettors, but also for FanDuel.  A successful campaign and launch of this feature will lead to more users, more time spent on the FanDuel app, and more money being wagered.

Even the most casual bettor loves to watch the game in real time and follow along with their wagers, and now FanDuel has made watching the games even better. Rather than watching your team commit turnover after turnover, you can utilize this exciting new feature to keep yourself in the game!

What’s In It For You, The Bettor?

Of course, the new FanDuel Cash Out option won’t be available for all wagers. However, this is certainly a clever way to drive more business to  the FanDuel app, which has already gained a large following since its release date in September.

In order to highlight this new feature and reward its players, FanDuel Sportsbook is offering an exciting new promotion. The “Cash in With Cash Out” promo offers players $10 in free credit on the FanDuel site by clicking on and utilizing the “Cash Out” option for the first time.  This offer is only available to each bettor once, and the site credit is available for use for 7 days after the credit is awarded. As expected, this offer is exclusive to players who are physically located in New Jersey.

This is just the newest in exciting innovations for FanDuel. It seems like each day we are discovering new ways for NJ sports betting players to get in the game, so what are you waiting for? Get in the game and “Cash Out”!