NJ sports betting is a great success for all operators that pushed land-based or online products before football season.

NFL took the spotlight and became the number one sport to bet on in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Some sportsbooks saw the opportunity and launched great side products and services that supported football sports betting.

One such book is FanDuel. The daily fantasy sports giant opened its sportsbook in the Meadowlands Racetrack, drawing players from both NJ and NY states.

Now, FanDuel Sportsbook has launched a new high-tech feature that uses the power of Alexa – Amazon’s smart digital assistant. Fanduel: Pick 6 is a new Alexa skill that lets users make predictions about football games on Sunday and Monday nights.

Successful predictions enter users into a tournament for winning $1000. Not bad for a free feature, right?

Let’s look in depth about how it works

First of all, how do you get FanDuel: Pick 6? If you have a FanDuel account and any Alexa-powered device, you can enable it completely free.

You need to instruct Alexa to use the skill and enable the game first. Then you need to tell her to open FanDuel.

Users will be prompted with six pre-determined questions about the next Sunday and Monday night games.

Here are some examples that have already been asked:

  • Will the Chiefs score in each quarter of the game?
  • Will Emmanuel Sanders total over 100 receiving yards?

You need to answer with a Yes or No and Alexa will log your predictions. If you’ve correctly answered all questions, you get an email that contains a code.

The code is your pass for the following week’s tournament, where all contestants will battle it out for the $1,000 prize.

The tournament shares much of the same rules like other FanDuel tournaments. Players start with a fixed amount of virtual currency in their wallets. They need to use it to acquire players and build the best team they can. Then the teams will battle it out and the winner will cash in the big prize.

Additionally, you can ask Alexa to retrieve various types of information like:

  • Scouting reports
  • Weather updates
  • In-game updates
  • Full game recaps

Aside from the cute mini-games, Alexa comes with a bunch of hidden FanDuel features like: Smack Talk; Riddle; Motivational speech. Additionally, Alexa can also show you to your seats, if you have tickets to the game.

Just one warning when using Alexa and FanDuel together, be aware that FanDuel will get access to your email. If you’re not looking for the heavy promotion, especially during NFL season, you should consider enabling the connection in the first place.

FanDuel Going Into Sports Betting

Just a few months ago, Nevada was the only state that allowed sports fans to bet on their favorite games and teams.

After the Supreme Court ruled to repeal PASPA on May 14th, states moved toward introducing regulations for sport betting activities. New Jersey was prepared and legalized sports betting just a month later.

Some casinos were ready and waiting to launch in the middle of June. Monmouth Park took the first bet, followed by the Borgata and the other six sportsbooks that are currently operational.

FanDuel is making a huge leap from DFS to sports betting, closely following in their main competitor’s footsteps. DraftKings is more dominant in the online sports betting market, but FanDuel Sportsbook rules in-person bets due to Meadowlands’ superior location.

The Alexa partnership will see some fans going back and forth between sports betting and DFS. With the help of some cross promotions and bonuses, FanDuel’s strategy retain and recycle their members will likely prove very fruitful and profitable.

Other states are following New Jersey and will soon offer sports betting. West Virginia, Delaware, and Mississippi are currently working out the final details in their regulations for sports betting.