For a few months now, some NJ sports betting providers struggled to get their online sportsbooks to iOS.

This roadblock is finally as good as gone for BetStars NJ, 888Sport and playMGM, the three platforms that have been waiting weeks for App Store access. Apple has finally given their mobile products the green light, and with that, access to 44.3% of US smartphone users.

Google’s Android, on the other hand, included all three NJ mobile sportsbooks to its store as soon as they kicked off. Although this opened the door for the majority of users, BetStars NJ, 888Sport and playMGM received their fair share of complaints.

Though all is forgiven now, and just in time for the big Sunday NFL games.

BetStars NJ And playMGM Relying On Android And iOS

Access to the App Store wasn’t the only thing BetStars NJ and playMGM were falling behind on. The rest of the NJ sports betting providers also offer a third option, other than Android and iOS, which is browser access. That includes DraftKings, 888Sport, FanDuel, SugarHouse, Caesars and William Hill.

Recent data, however, shows that these two companies aren’t missing out on all that much. Mobile access may turn out to be all they need for fan engagement, since numbers report that 65% of the total time Americans spent online last year took place on a smartphone or tablet. In fact, 85% of that time itself was spent using an app.

So it won’t be too surprising if they choose to not launch website-based NJ sports betting any time soon.

NJ Sports Betting Apps Taking Over

Three new additions to the Apple App Store may not sound like a big announcement, but in the context of NJ sports betting, it’s a huge deal.

Mobile apps have become the name of the game – and fast. It’s already running circles around retail sports betting during just its first month on the market.

Online NJ sports betting made over $1 million more than retail sportsbooks, keeping in mind that some mobile options weren’t even live during the first month. This can only mean the numbers for October will show an even bigger revenue gap between the two. The fact that it’s the month for both the NBA and NHL seasons to kick off certainly helps!

BetStars NJ, 888Sport And playMGM Battle For iOS Market Share

BetStars NJ, 888Sport and playMGM may have finally gotten the thumbs up from Apple, but that doesn’t automatically mean the same from iOS users. They may be a smaller portion of the population, but they’re still over 40% of the total market share. And it’s highly doubtful these users just sat around waiting for the betting apps to show up in the Apple Store.

Odds are, the majority already found an app to call their own, and the chances of them making a switch midseason are pretty slim. That means BetStars NJ, 888Sport and playMGM will have to make valiant effort to get their attention.

In some cases, this may be a situation of winning back old customers that switched online casinos before the apps launched. And at the current overcrowded, highly competitive NJ sports betting market, this may be easier said than done.

The platforms will need strong branding, attractive promotions and most of all, competitive lines. Fortunately for BetStars NJ and 888 sportsbook, the yearlong global sports betting experience makes this much less of a challenge. On the other hand, playMGM has been functioning solely in Nevada.

Now more than ever is a time for sports betting providers to stand out, as the borders of the market are expanding beyond New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Rumor has it, most NJ sports betting operators will try out their luck in the neighboring state. And the ones who made it to the top of New Jersey’s cut-throat market already have some tricks up their sleeve.